Tomorrow I take on my biggest challenge, a full IRONMAN.

As I write this, my hands are shaking with nerves, excitement and anticipation because tomorrow I will take on my biggest challenge.


Over the 226.2km of swimming, cycling and running I will be challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. However, this choice I have made, will teach me many lessons, give me a different perspective and ultimately raise the bar on what I am capable of.

The only way to know what you are capable of in life is to try. Experiment with your body, mind and soul to see where you find yourself.

Over the last year that I have been training for this day, I have thought long and hard about every possible element.

It has taught me patience, discipline, dedication, planning and over all, how I am still able to surprise myself.

I feel the quote below sums up my feelings towards this chapter in my life.

“Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Without challenge we cannot change” — Jack Revell

In aid of the recent disaster in Beirut, we are raising money for the British Red Cross. Any donations would be really appreciated and if you follow my socials @jackwrevell you can see the day unfold.

I know reading this on Monday morning will bring a smile to my face along with some emotional memories that I will cherish forever.

So I will leave myself a future note..

Well done. You did it!

Thanks for all your support.